BJ Angus Genetics is a family operation specializing in the production of genomic and performance tested genetics. We pride ourselves on producing cattle which offer the best combination of calving ease and top performance with maternal efficiency. We are committed to producing a product that will yield an outstanding eating experience for the consumer.

To accomplish all this, a strong emphasis is placed on genetic selection for a balance of traits, by using high accuracy sires, recording complete performance and ultrasound data on every calf, selecting for structural soundness and quiet disposition. Our priority is selecting for a balance of traits!

Cattle in the BJ Angus Genetics program are expected to perform in our environment. They are managed similarly to commercial cow herds in our area. We practice a stringent culling program. Cattle that don't make the grade go to town - we just don't have time or patience for problems, nor do our customers. BJ Angus Genetics cattle are bred for cattlemen who make a living raising cattle.

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BJ Angus Genetics Offers

  • Value added industry leading genetics which are genomic and performance tested
  • Selection—Volume of bulls (a high percentage are calving ease) and females with full brother and full sister groups.
  • Value added market accessibility
  • Outstanding breeding guarantee
  • Free delivery
  • Reputation—21 years of proven generational progress
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